Carl Sagan said “We are made of star stuff”, and look at this single-celled organism full of stardust.

The shining bits you see in the first clip are mostly calcium crystals, and the elemental calcium that makes up those crystals formed inside giant stars billions of years ago, then the star collapsed on itself and exploded, and the explosion scattered the calcium and many other elements around the universe and formed many others, some of it travelled to this part of the universe and 5 billion years ago it joined the cloud of elements that formed our solar system and then our beautiful Earth.

The calcium cycled billions of years on Earth, took different forms and shapes and today it’s inside a single-celled organism, Ophryoglena, it’s not the end of it. Ophryoglena will die and the crystals will become a part of something else, maybe it will be a part of something alive again, or it will just stay as the part of Earth crust but either way it will be a part of something wonderful.

This is what I see in this video, this is personal and meaningful to me. I was depressed for all my life, had horrible years with horrible people. Diagnosed with complex PTSD, I had problems, I drank, I smoked, and my life didn’t mean much to me. Then I discovered the hidden world right in front of my eyes. It made me realize that I was a part of something amazing, just like the Calcium atoms that travelled in time and space to be a part of this cell, I was a part of the universe! Can people change? I did! I found happiness in something so small and so negligible. I am happy that the others enjoy my journey in this life, and I am so happy that you join me here, and read my posts but I do this just because I love doing this, and this means everything to me.

Thanks for reading!


James Weiss

This is Ellen, and she gave me quite a jump scare the other day!

So I received some samples from the Baltic sea, and Ellen the Bristle Worm was in one of them. I was watching Ellen move on the microscope slide, I was thinking that she kinda looked cute with those eyes.

And then she pushed a freaking mandible out and scared the bejesus out of me! It was like an alien coming out of her. I don't know much about bristle worms, and definitely did not know that they can do this!

Please treat me with some knowledge on bristle worms in the comments, so we all can learn something!

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James Weiss

This is a gorgeous single-celled organism Lepidotrachelophyllum, I know it has a long name so I will call it Leafy to make everything easy to read!

Leafy has a gorgeous looking cell; it is half a millimeter in length, and it’s flatten like a leaf. The cell is ornamented with many fat drops, they look like Christmas bubbles!

Leafy’s cell surface covered with some scales, it’s impossible to see the details on the scales without the help of an electron microscope, but you can see the scales as a thin foamy layer covering the whole organism, and hair-like structures called the cilia poke out through the foam layer.

I found Leafy yesterday. So I went to a pharmacy with an e-prescription, but apparently the prescription wasn’t scanned properly and the pharmacist couldn’t scan the barcode. So I had to call the doctor and had to wait while they were preparing the prescription again, so I went to collect some water samples in a park in the meantime.

And when I checked my sample, I found a couple of Leafy’s kind, I found them before but never seen them with the ‘new’ microscope. It blew my mind! They look so beautiful.

As always, thank you for reading!


James Weiss