Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

How much does a Will cost?

We offer our clients the most competitive fees. You can sign up and start writing your will for as little as £45.00 for single Will and £80.00 for a mirror Will (subject to phone consultation). All our fees are inclusive of VAT. Our fees are as follows: Single Will - £45 Single Will with binding - £50 Simple Mirror Will - £80 Simple Mirror Will with binding - £90 Complex single Will - £65 including binding Complex Mirror Will - £110 including binding

How would my instructions be taken?

Your instructions will be taken over the phone. This allows you to talk everything through with a specialist to make sure your Will covers your specific needs. We can also take instructions by email so that you can keep a record of our correspondence. We will then take the time to prepare your Will and send it to you by email or in the post.

When do I receive my Will?

We endeavor to send out draft Wills to clients within a week of instructions being received, which is considerably faster than our competitors. We can prepare an emergency Will with a two days turnaround times for 14.99.

What is included in my Will?

this will depend on your own unique circumstances, and shall be eplained during your phone consultation.

What you do after making a Will - Will amendments

Keep your Will safe After you sign your Will and it is witnessed correctly, the will should be stored in a safe location. You should also inform your Executor(s) where you have kept the will so they can retrieve it when necessary. Ensure that the will remains in line with your wishes Your interests and wishes may change due to many reasons, such as a change in close relationships or a death of a named beneficiary. So, it is important to ensure that, over time, it remains aligned with your current wishes. While simple amendments to your will may be made by a codicil, more complicated and radical amendments are best reflected by making a new will. When I need to make a new Will Even you have alreadymade a will, certain major life events might necessitate changes to the will. There are a whole range of circumstances where you might want to make changes to your will. Non-exhaustive examples include: 1. The addition of new members to the family, such as the birth of a child or grandchild. 2. The death of a beneficiary or executor of the will. 3. Acquiring of a new property 4. when you start a business 5. Acquiring assets outside of the UK. 6. In the event of a divorce Please note that if you change your home address or your Executor or beneficiary change address your are not required to change your Will. How to Change Your Will By Codicil :- A document called a codicil can be executed to make amendments to a previously executed will. Typically attached to the original will, a codicil makes additions to your original will, explaining, modifying, or revoking the will or part of it. Please send us your request in writing with clear instructions and we will assist you with the Codicil. By drafting a New Will Should substantial changes be required to be made to the original will, it is be better to draft a new will.This would help to provide clarity on how you now want your property to be distributed upon your death, instead of having to refer to separate documents and potentially getting confused on what your wishes are. If a new will is drafted, the previous will should be torn up or shredded to avoid confusion.