Bursaria eats a Paramecium

This is a single-celled organism eating another one. What would you think if you see this happening in a much bigger scale? The predator is a Bursaria, and it hunts like a Roomba, swims around and sucks living things into its mouth, then into its cell belly to digest them.


Bursaria has a giant mouth, and many hair-like structures called cilia, Bursaria beats those cilia to create a vortex that pulls things into its mouth. And the prey is a Paramecium, it’s a super common fella in the microworld and many things feed on them while Paramecium feed on bacteria.


Can you see how fast Paramecium dies? Isn’t it kinda unsettling? I am really glad we don’t have natural predators like these. I am so tired today, and kinda not in a good mood. My cat, Sirius, accidentally tipped a jar of pond water all over himself. He was soaked! We had to take a bath to clean him up, and then it took so long to dry him up. We are exhausted, and his brother, Lupin, couldn’t care less, he kept zooming. I love my cats so much!


Thank you so much for reading!


James Weiss

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