Gorgeous Lepidotrachelophyllum

This is a gorgeous single-celled organism Lepidotrachelophyllum, I know it has a long name so I will call it Leafy to make everything easy to read!

Leafy has a gorgeous looking cell; it is half a millimeter in length, and it’s flatten like a leaf. The cell is ornamented with many fat drops, they look like Christmas bubbles!

Leafy’s cell surface covered with some scales, it’s impossible to see the details on the scales without the help of an electron microscope, but you can see the scales as a thin foamy layer covering the whole organism, and hair-like structures called the cilia poke out through the foam layer.

I found Leafy yesterday. So I went to a pharmacy with an e-prescription, but apparently the prescription wasn’t scanned properly and the pharmacist couldn’t scan the barcode. So I had to call the doctor and had to wait while they were preparing the prescription again, so I went to collect some water samples in a park in the meantime.

And when I checked my sample, I found a couple of Leafy’s kind, I found them before but never seen them with the ‘new’ microscope. It blew my mind! They look so beautiful.

As always, thank you for reading!


James Weiss

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