Jake the Water Bear

This is Jake the Water Bear, and this is one of my favorite clips.

Jake is a cutie I found some time ago and I posted about him a couple of times. But wanted to post him once again, because I feel like posting it again, so please excuse me. Jake’s belly is full of things he ate and they shine under the polarized light, and there are so many euglenids and green algae swimming around, so probably he was eating them too.

I named Jake after a character from my favorite show, Adventure Time. In the show, Jake the Dog is magic dog and I thought this water bear looks like a dog and it looked magical under the polarized light.

Jake is not immortal, and he is probably dead already but I intend to keep him popular in my posts. This week I was taking a break and not preparing new clips for Instagram but sharing some of my favorite posts. I’ve been checking my microscope for hours everyday as usual, and recorded some interesting things, which I’ll share with you all soon.

Thank you so much for reading.


James Weiss

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