My Book is Out for Pre-order!

Merlin’s bony knees! My book is out for pre-order! And please keep watching to see the book cover!

When I was a kid, I was so obsessed with animals, and my dream was to live in Africa and write books about the wild animals. Everyone from those days still remembers me as the kid who did a bunch of things involving animals, like watching ants for hours, saving earthworms from drowning, hiding tadpoles in a bucket behind the closet, and many many more stories.

I didn’t end up somewhere in Africa but found the same excitement in a drop of pond water far away from where I was born. Life is so strange, you look for something meaningful all your life in everywhere you can think of and then you find it somewhere utterly unexpected, I found mine in pond scum.

Seeing all these living things in a drop of water changed my perception about everything, cured my C-PTSD, my depression and my loneliness, it even led me to the love of my life, to my fiancée.

When I received the book deal over a year ago, I didn’t comprehend the meaning of this right away, but then my fiancée told me that my work will survive decades after I am gone, then it hit me. There will be some curious kids seeking solace in nature, like I was, and they will stumble upon my book sitting on a bookshelf one day, and when they crack it open they will meet a whole new world. That’s really meaningful for me.

Please check the link in my bio to pre-order it on Amazon, even if you don’t want to pre-order it, put it in your basket so Amazon can give a larger order for their warehouses. The book will be released on June 8, also they will be available in many bookstores in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

I am so excited for this, and thank you for reading!


James Weiss

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